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Web sites

American Friends Service Committee
This Quaker organization's site features historical archives, information on the Nobel Peace Prize the AFSC was awarded in 1947 and a section providing youth with alternatives to war.

The Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO)
CCCO coordinates the national GI Rights Hotline offering information and assistance to GIs seeking discharges, provides Selective Service and conscientious objector counseling and provides special outreach to third world communities within the U.S.

Center on Conscience and War
This organization provides advice on Selective Service registration and information about the Fund for Education Training, a low-interest loan that financially assists young men who do not comply with draft registration laws.

Church of the Brethren's conscientious objection page
This page offers church leaders literature on conscientious objection and information for young men interested in laying the groundwork for a CO claim.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation
The largest, oldest interfaith peace organization in the nation.

National Campaign for A Peace Tax Fund
Advocates for U.S. federal legislation enabling conscientious objectors to have their federal income taxes directed to a special fund that could be used for nonmilitary purposes only.

Veterans for Peace
Organization comprised of veterans "committed to sharing the horrors they experienced" in war and to advocate peace and justice through nonviolence.

Heifer Project International
Rooted in the post-war relief efforts of WWII conscientious objectors, Heifer International provides livestock and training to more than four million poor families around the world.

KPFA On the Air
Paying tribute to the oldest and most ambitious independent, community-based media in the world, the companion Web site for this documentary also provides historical highlights of the renegade radio station and its founder, WWII conscientious objector Lewis Hill.

The Nonviolence Web
This site provides free webmastering and hosting to peace groups ranging from the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute to the Muslim Peace Fellowship. Extensive links to international peace organizations, articles, and peace-related magazines and newsletters.

War Resisters League
WRL's site contains archival articles from their magazine The Nonviolent Activist, commentary on current events and a local directory of chapters nationwide.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection
This research archive based at Swarthmore College is devoted to collecting, preserving, and making accessible materials of persons and organizations who have worked for nonviolent social change, disarmament and conflict resolution. It claims to have the largest collection in the country of primary and secondary resources on the history of conscientious objection.

Conscience and the Constitution
In 1944, 85 Japanese American prisoners in an American concentration camp were prosecuted as criminals when they refused the draft. This companion site to the PBS documentary has loads of resource materials about the resisters and their place in history.


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